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How do I enter a public key in the configuration generator?

The default setting for the WireGuard configuration generator to create keys automatically for you. The private key is never transmitted to our servers and is protected since it's generated automatically in your browser. The public key is always stored on our servers as it it used to authenticate you when connecting.

However, you might want to generate the keys yourself in case:

  1. You don't trust us to generate the private key for you.
  2. You already have generated a key for your device before, but we have added additional VPN servers after that time and you want to access the new servers.
  3. You already have generated a key for your device before, but did not download configuration files for all VPN servers and now you want to connect to a new server.


The configuration generator allows you to enter a public key. If you do that, you will need to edit the downloaded configuration files manually to enter your private key. A downloaded configuration file might look as follows:


PrivateKey =
Address =, fd00:0000:0000:0000:1111:1111:2e41:7214/128
DNS =,

PublicKey = JwXrcvj+GT0/OgeYZxFfHoBPhY3CmVX4jKYI21VdNS0=
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint =


Note that the PrivateKey is empty. You will need to input your private key there, so it looks as follows:


PrivateKey = kB3vUVXnt70LGaSX9P0Amz2T7sS9NntoT74oRflXtlo=


There needs to be a space between = and the private key.