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I am connected to Wireguard, but I do not have an internet connection. Is there anything I can do troubleshoot this?

If you get connected to the WireGuard VPN server but don’t have an internet connection it might be due to one of the following reasons.

1. You don’t have an active OVPN subscription

Make sure that your OVPN subscription is active by going to the dashboard.


2. The keys you use to connect are incorrect

This is the most likely cause, unless you generated the keypair in the WireGuard configuration generator.

If you pasted a public key that you generated manually, make sure that you haven’t missed any characters or accidentally removed anything from the generated configuration file.


3. You have removed the key from your OVPN profile that you attempt to use

Go to the key management section and make sure that the public key in your configuration file still exists as you might have removed it.

This can be the case if you want to connect to new WireGuard servers as we deploy them, and want to use the new ones but you’ve reached the limit of public keys - forcing you to delete a key.


4. OVPN has an issue

If you believe this is the case, please open the WireGuard configuration file you’re using to connect to our service, and send along everything in it besides your private key. The data you send should look something like this:



Address =, fd00:0:1337:cafe:1111:1111:f091:7951/128

DNS =,


PublicKey = JwXrcvj+GT0/OgeYZxFfHoBPhY3CmVX4jKYI21VdNS0=

AllowedIPs =, ::/0

Endpoint =


Note that the PrivateKey field under [Interface] is not included.