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Which add-ons does OVPN offer?

OVPN has two different add-ons: Public IPv4 and Multihop.

Public IPv4

OVPN uses shared IP addresses to increase the anonymity of our users. As several people can use the same IP address, it makes it harder to track and identify the users.

However, shared IP addresses can’t be used if you wish to access a device from outside of a local network, which is usually desirable if you are using a NAS or if you are hosting a server. This is the purpose of the Public IPv4 address add-on. By ordering a Public IPv4 address, you can protect your NAS or server behind OVPN’s VPN tunnel and encrypt all traffic to and from it.

It’s important to note that you should pay for the add-on anonymously. As we reserve a specific IP address, we have to know which IP address belongs to which user. As soon as the subscription time for the public IPv4 address runs out, this connection is removed, and it’s thus impossible to retroactively correlate user information with the IPv4 address they previously used.


Multihop is a great add-on increasing your anonymity and security considerably. The add-on routes your traffic through several VPN servers in different cities, adding another step to your encryption process.

Suppose you are located in Spain and visit a website located in Italy. The network map would thus look like this if you are using the Multihop add-on.

Spain -> Sweden -> Germany -> Italy (target destination) -> Germany -> Sweden -> Spain

The last of our datacenters before routing to the website you are visiting has no information about you, as the previous VPN datacenter has already encrypted the traffic to the second one. Multihop thus increases your integrity and anonymity considerably, and we strongly recommend using it!

As the traffic is being routed through two VPN data centers, your Internet speed might decrease slightly, but it’s worth it considering your security increases substantially.