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Opening Ports

A big upside with OVPN is that you can forward ports while you are connected.

If you purchase the Public IPv4 add-on, then all ports are opened by default and you do not need to follow this guide. This guide is only applicable if you use the standard subscription.

By opening a port, you can run a web server as an example on your device even though you are connected to OVPN.

Opening a port is also known as port forwarding.

How do you open a port?

The first thing you need to do is log in. Once you have done so, click on Profile and then select Port Forwarding for the VPN protocol you want to use, either OpenVPN or WireGuard.

When you open a port you can decide if it should be TCP, UDP, or TCP and UDP.

The port number has to be between 49152-65535 since we follow RFC6335. If you need a port between 1-49151 you can use our Public IPv4 add-on.

Reconnect after the port has been opened

After you have opened a port you need to reconnect to OVPN for the port to be opened. If you do not reconnect the port will remain closed for that connection.

How many ports can I open?

Currently, we have a limit of 7 ports per account. This limit may be increased or decreased in the future.