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Watch Swedish television from abroad!

If you have moved abroad or are on holiday, it can be difficult to access the streaming services you want since streaming services are locked to a specific geographical location due to various copyright deals. This means that you can get an error message when you try to watch your favorite program on — for example — TV4 Play, SVT Play, Viaplay or Cmore outside of Sweden.

Why can I not watch Swedish TV abroad?

When you surf the internet you are assigned something called an IP address. Your IP address can be likened to a telephone number or a home address. When you go to a website such as HBO, Teliaplay, SVT Play or C More, these websites can see which IP address you are visiting their website from, and that IP address can then be traced back to a country. Your access to the content can then be automatically blocked because they see that the IP address you have belongs to a country other than Sweden.

Unlimited access to Swedish TV abroad

When you connect with OVPN to a server in Sweden, your IP address is replaced with an IP address from Sweden, which means that with OVPN you can circumvent these restrictions. When you then go to a streaming service, they see that you have an IP address from Sweden, whereupon you can stream the content just as if you were in Sweden.

How do I watch Swedish TV abroad?

With OVPN, it is very easy to watch Swedish TV abroad.

  1. Download our program to your computer or phone
  2. Log in with your OVPN account
  3. Connect to a server in Sweden
  4. Done!

It's not harder than that.


There are many other VPN services in the world, but there is a lot that sets us apart from other VPN services.

Unlike many other VPN services, we are based in Sweden, which means that you can communicate with our support in Swedish (no translation programs where much of the meaning can be lost!), And it also means that we - unlike others suppliers - puts a lot of focus on various Swedish streaming services actually working.

What devices does it work on?

You can use OVPN on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS. It also works on various routers and some TV boxes such as NVIDIA Shield.

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