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DNS leak with Avast Antivirus

If you're experiencing DNS leaks with Avast Antivirus installed, it's possible Avast is forcing you to use their DNS servers as part of their malicious website protection.  

If you want to use our DNS addresses instead of those provided by Avast, you will need to disable the malicious website protection. To disable the protection, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Open Avast

You will first need to open Avast. You can usually find it in the task bar on your computer.


Step 2: Disable Real Site

Once you have opened Avast, you'll be presented with a few options. Click on Protection in the menu and then select Real Website.




On the new page, click on the toggle next to Real Website and select the option to stop indefinitely.




Step 3: Check that you have no leaks

Once you have turned it off, go to our DNS leak page and check that you on't have any leaks.