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Explanation: What is Killswitch?

The OVPN client has a functionality called killswitch, which guarantees that no traffic becomes unencrypted if you should – at any point – lose the connection to OVPN.

If the connection to OVPN is lost, the killswitch will disable your Internet connection, so no traffic is sent from you unencrypted.

The killswitch has three settings, depending on the level of protection you want.

Disable killswitch: This setting inactivates the killswitch completely.

Activate killswitch while connected: This setting activates the killswitch only while connected to the VPN. If your VPN connection unexpectedly drops, your internet connection will be blocked. It will not block your internet connection if you manually disconnect from the VPN, or at computer boot before you are connected.

Always-on killswitch: This setting will always block your internet when not connected to OVPN, even if you disconnect manually or before a VPN connection is established on computer boot. It will not block connections to our servers, allowing you to easily establish a new VPN connection.