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Explanation: Collect anonymous usage statistics

This feature was added in version 2.12 and is by default deactivated. It gives us a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with the client to better know what we can improve, what new features to add, as well as how new features should be designed.

Your username, IP address or any sensitive information is not captured or saved. We are unable to see who is sending this information, and your anonymity is of course maintained should you choose to activate this feature. If the setting in turned off, none of the information listed below will be sent to us.

You can turn this setting on or off under the Settings tab in the client.

The following information is collected, should you wish to help us out by send anonymous usage statistics:


These are various trigger events performed in the client, meaning various actions performed by the user.

Name Description


Application start event
terminate Application shutdown event
$screen_name When a user switch to an in-app screen. For example, the Settings screen or the Support screen
manual-key-regen Wireguard key regeneration, initiated manually
connect VPN connection start, through "Connect" button or via Favorites
disconnect VPN disconnection start, through "Disconnect" button.
reconnect VPN reconnection start, through "Reconnect" button.
logout User logout by clicking "Log out" button
show-logs User opens logs.
clean-logs All logs removed, started by user manually
fav-add Add connection to Favorites
fav-remove Remove connection from Favorites



These are various computer or app settings.

Name Description
os Operating System name, e.g. macos, windos, ubuntu
osVer Operating System version.
cpu CPU Architecture, e.g. arm64, x86_64, x86_32
version The Client version
active Time since the Client started. Example: 00:12:18
killswitch Kill-switch mode: always-on, during-connection, disabled
dns DNS mode: custom, adblock, standard
addon Active add-on type: ipv4, multihop, none
ipv6 IPv6 state: true, false
via-fav true if connection is established using Favorite selector protocol. false otherwise.
wireguard true if connection is established using WireGuard protocol. false otherwise.
location Connection selection. Possible values are manual, auto, auto-in-country. Country location is not logged, just how the country was selected.
multihop-entry-location Entry location for Multihop. Field is valuable only if addon is Multihop. Possible values: manual, auto, auto-in-country. Country location is not logged, just how the country was selected.
connection-time Duration of VPN connection. For example: 36:12:38. Sent on Disconnect event.
uptime Time since Operating System start. Example: 37 day(s) 22:50:52