Explanation: send anonymous usage data

This feature was added in version 1.1.6 and is by default deactivated. In order to improve the client, this setting sends anonymous usage data in order for us to catch bugs and exceptions faster.

If the setting is activated it will report the following to us:

  • When a connection attempt is successful
  • When a connection attempt fails
  • If an exception occurs in the client
  • Which version of the client that is running
  • Which operating system the client is running on
  • Which language the client is using (Swedish or English)
  • How long the client has been running

Your username, IP address or any sensitive information is not captured or saved. We are unable to see who is sending this information and your anonymity is of course maintained should you choose to activate this feature. If the setting in turned off none of the above information will be sent to us.

You can turn this setting on or off under the Settings tab in the client.