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Privacy considerations when using Public IPv4

It’s important to note that you should pay for the Public IPv4 add-on anonymously, especially in light of our recent court case that we won. As we reserve a specific IP address with the add-on, we have to know which IP address belongs to which user in order to guarantee said user is always assigned the same IP address, as well as ensure that the same IP address is not assigned to two separate users.

This means that for the duration of Public IPv4, it is possible to correlate your assigned Public IPv4 address to your account which is of course antithetical to your privacy. As soon as the subscription time for the public IPv4 address runs out, this connection is removed, and it’s thus impossible to retroactively correlate user information with the IPv4 address they previously used. Additionally, if you choose to change your assigned IP address or region, you will be assigned a new IP address. Similarly to when the add-on expires, we do not keep track of your previously assigned IP address with the add-on.

If privacy is of importance, you should strongly consider not using the Public IPv4 add-on, as the Public IPv4 add-on has a very specific use-case in mind. Even with the Public IPv4 add-on, you can — at any time — choose to connect without it. When connecting without the add-on, you'll be assigned an IP address at random that is shared with other users. That IP address is not in any way stored or otherwise logged, and there is no way for us to know which user(s) has been assigned one of these dynamic IP addresses at any point in time.