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Port forwarding on GL-inet

With a VPN connection in your GL-inet router, it is possible to forward ports to devices behind the VPN. Do note that it is recommended you use the Public IPv4 add-on for this. It is also highly recommended you give the device you want to forward ports to a static IP address in your router first.

Port forwarding is possible with both WireGuard and OpenVPN. If you are not using the Public IPv4 add-on, you will first need to open the port you want to use.

For OpenVPN connections, you can do so here.

For WireGuard connections, you can do so here.

You do not need to open port through our website if you are using the Public IPv4 add-on.

Forwarding ports on GL-inet

Navigate to Firewall → Port Forwards

Enter the following information:

Name: Enter a name to identify the port
Protocol: Select the protocol you want to use, either TCP or UDP
Internal IP: The IP address of the device on your local network
External Zone: Select the VPN protocol you are using
External Ports: Enter the external port the router hould listen to
Internal Zone: lan
Internal ports: Enter the internal port the device is listening to

Click on Add

Here's an example of what it will look like when configured: